Thanos Rivios Photographer

Hi, this is Thanos!

Self taught photographer
Interested in Nature & Architecture

The photographic camera is what i choose to capture what catches my eye, my heart and my head at the same time.

Born in July 1983. Living in Athens and Santorini. Photography is a hobby i continuously try to develop.

I see things a little differently… through the lens!

I do not like to tell something about myself. I’d rather let my work speak.
But in short: Photography is a passion that I am working on for some years. It all started 15 years ago when I firstly get in touch with photography. I received a small compact Digital camera and found a new interest. As I was excited I mostly learned by just taking and analyzing photos without lots of knowledge from books and web tutorials. I have studied Photography at the school of Professional Photography for one year and stopped because it decreased my motivation extremely. The self-learning and exploring method still makes it just more interesting & challenging for me.

I believe there isn’t a certain way to learn and understand creativity.